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Since 2015, our uniquely qualified & highly-regarded doctors professionals have transformed healthcare in uptown Dallas.

Spinalworks Medical Group combines medical care, chiropractic care, and physical rehabilitation to get you better

Spinalworks Medical Group has 5-star ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook. We change lives through safe natural

Call us at (214) 296-0269 to book a convenient time that works for you and natural healing will have you feeling better soon!

Chiropractor in Uptown Dallas • Integrated Medical Clinic • Physical Rehabilitation, Knee & Joint Injections, Massage, Weight Loss

Spinalworks Medical Group is conveniently located in Uptown Dallas providing medical care, pain management, physical rehabilitation, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, knee injections and ultrasound guided joint injections, trigger point injections, medical weight loss and more. We are your first stop for pain, arthritis, and injury care.

As an integrated healthcare facility, we provide medical care, chiropractic care, and physical rehab all under one roof. Under this team approach, we can get our patients better faster, and keep the better for longer. Our team of providers are very knowledgeable in treating acute and chronic conditions, and we understand that each patient different, so our recommendations are unique to each person.

Contact our uptown Dallas medical office to schedule your consultation. We accept most insurances, and work with personal injury attorneys under a Letter of Protection.

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Patients love us! Read our 5 star reviews on Google, Yelp, & Facebook. We take pride in helping patients through safe natural therapies. Call (214) 296-0269 to book a convenient time to fit in your busy schedule. Spinalworks Medical Group has a team of chiropractors, physicians, nurse practitioners, massage therapists, and healthcare professionals that are uniquely qualified and highly regarded.

As a multi-disciplined healthcare facility, we focus on natural therapies including medical rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, corrective chiropractic, massage, weight loss, and natural trigger point and joint injections to best treat our patients.

Spinalworks Medical Group is conveniently located in uptown Dallas on the west side of Routh St. between McKinney and Cedar Springs. You are welcome to park on either side of the building in the parking lots.