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Chiropractic BioPhysics®, also known as CBP®, is a proven technique which addresses structural issues that cause pain versus just addressing the pain itself. CBP® emphasizes optimal posture and spinal alignment as the primary goal of chiropractic care while simultaneously documenting improvements in pain and functional based outcomes.

 Harrison Full Spine Model

Harrison Full Spine Model

CBP® is based on the Harrison Full Spine Model which details ideal and average geometric paths and shapes of spinal curvature. This model has been developed from decades of research and evidence.

Each new patient goes through posture and health screenings in which we take x-rays of the spine in order to digitally measure spinal curvature and gather data used in care program development.

Post-screening, patients are presented with a Report of Findings that may include Fix Care programming utilizing CBP® traction protocols in rounds of 24-36 treatment visits. Each round of Fix Care is concluded with a re-examination. During the re-examination new x-rays are taken to measure the progress of spinal curvature correction.

Based on the findings in the re-examination, patients will either be prescribed another round of Fix Care or transitioned into Maintenance Care. While our patients average two rounds of Fix Care, occasionally additional rounds are needed as programming is patient specific.

For more in depth information information on CBP®, please visit www.idealspine.com.