Weight Loss assistance

that actually works.


At Spinalworks Dallas, we take a holistic approach to health addressing pain sources. This means we have to take weight management into consideration when working to correct structural and postural problems that may cause pain and other related health issues.


By using a FIT Medical Weight Loss program, we are able to assist our patients in achieving their health goals through a mix of:

Guided dietary lifestyle changes.
Personal accountability.
Herbal and prescription appetite suppressants.
B-12 & B-6 injections.
Vitamin and mineral supplements.

Each new FIT Medical Weight Loss patient will go through a medical evaluation with a Medical Doctor, at which time you will receive electrocardiogram (EKG), blood work, blood pressure, weight, and body mass index (BMI). A Medical Assistant administers a B-12 injections with lipotropic fat burners and provide mineral and vitamin supplements.

During weekly visits, the Medical Assistant will check blood pressure, BMI, and weight. They will also discuss the previous week’s progress, what to do the next week, and administer that week’s B-12 injection with lipotropic fat burners.

Our patients see quick results and are regularly impressed by how well the appetite suppressants work. Once the target weight is reached, we switch to a maintenance program to help maintain the progress made.

Visit fitmedicalweightloss.com for more in depth information.